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Could you provide the list of files installed by Glims ?

During our development we try to keep the amount of files on the system as little as possible, and to place everything at the right place.

/Library/Application Support/Glims - the core files directory

This folder includes:

cache - Includes the favicons of the predefined search engines. PlugIns / Glims.bundle - The Safari Plug-In Agent / Glims Agent - The agent injecting Glims (OSAX) in Safari

In addition to get Glims to load we have two other files:

/Library/ScriptingAdditions/Glims.osax - the OSAX which actually enables/loads Glims in Safari /Library/LaunchAgents/com.machangout.glims.agent.plist - The Launchd definition to start the Agent a launch time

All the preferences are kept in the folder "Library/Application Support/Glims" in your home folder.

In this folder the different files are:

MHODefaults.plist - most of the preferences (on/off etc...) MHOCustomSearchEngines.plist - The custom search engines definitions MHOSearchEngines.plist - The order the search engines are displayed at (includes custom and predefined) MHOSearchEnginesKeywords.plist - The search engines keywords MHOSearchEnginesShortcuts.plist - The search engines shortcuts

The 'cache' folder includes the cached search engines favicons.

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